TmFO's news and events

TmFO's news and events

Call for oral presentation

NewsPosted by Ervan Thu, October 23, 2014 13:44:51

TmFO will hold a session entitled "Managed ​Tropical ​Forests, towards a better future?" ​at the Annual Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology, focusing on "Resilience of Tropical Ecosystems: Future challenges and opportunities." The conference will run from 7th to 10th April, 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland.

The session will notably explore importance of managed tropical forests in providing future goods and environmental services. While most of our understanding of tropical forests ecology arises from old-growth undisturbed forests, the functioning of managed forests remains hardly explored. Monitoring of managed forests is important for myriad reasons, including the need to understand their roles in the global carbon cycle and the trade-offs between environmental impacts and human benefits. This session aims notably to explore current advances and insights in our understanding of:​

- post-logging forest functioning ( ​ biomass ​, diversity recovery ​)​

​- provision of environmental ​services (biodiversity, carbon, watershed) of MTF ​

- vulnerability ​/adaptation​ ​ to climate change ​ ​ and/or fire ​ of MTF​

To submit an abstract, please register at:

Everybody is entitled to submit 2 contributions. To submit an abstract of your contribution, please follow the instructions on the online submission form and fill in the appropriate fields. The length of the abstract is limited to 2000 characters.

New TmFO publication

NewsPosted by Ervan Mon, August 18, 2014 16:47:14

A new publication presenting TmFO has just been published in the journal Applied Vegetation Science and can be downloaded here.

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