TmFO's news and events

TmFO's news and events

COP 21 conference in Paris

EventsPosted by Plinio Fri, July 03, 2015 23:39:07
Plinio Sist, Sandra Luque and Brice Mora are conveners of a parallel session "Tropical degraded forests response to global change: current knowledge and cross-cutting research challenges for monitoring and processes understanding" at the international conference:Our Common Future Under Climate Change, that will be hold in Paris, at Unesco (7-10 July 2015). This conference will present updated knowledge and address key issues concerning climate change in the broader context of global change. This conference is organized under the framework of the COP 21 that will be hold in Paris in December 2015. Plinio Sist will talk about the increasing role of tropical forest degradation in the context of climate change and the main research challenges. The session will be hold at Unseco Bonvin Room XIII on July 8th from 14h30 to 18h00.

TmFO Amazonian Meeting, Belém, 27-29 April, 2015

EventsPosted by Plinio Thu, April 23, 2015 13:50:37
TmFO researchers involved in the Amazon will meet in Belém next week for a 2 day workshop. The main objectives are to start new analysis on timber volume recovery after logging and to go on with our research on the impact of logging on tree biodiversity. This meeting will be followed by a conference on forest degradation in the Amazon, 29-30 April, 2015, in Belém, jointly organized by Embrapa and Cirad with the support of the French Embassy.

To see the program download the file here below:

IUFRO World Congress

EventsPosted by Plinio Fri, August 29, 2014 10:26:41

TmFO side event at the IUFRO world forestry Congress in Salt Lake City: Understanding the resilience of disturbed forests in the tropics.

On October 10th, 7-9 PM, TmFO will organize a side event at the IUFRO 2014 world congress to present the network and preliminary results. A cocktail will be proposed at the end of the event.


EventsPosted by Plinio Fri, August 29, 2014 10:06:59
Four researchers involved in TmFO will participate to the meeting of the Central American networks of permanent sample plots (redes centroamericanas de investigación a largo plazo en parcelas permanentes de medición , PPM) in Catie, Turrialba, Costa Rica, 9-12 September. The main objective is to build a strong cooperation between PPM and TmFO.